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We provide US founders with the opportunity to make an impact on the world by helping them with the process of hiring in Latin America. Our team comes from professional backgrounds such as software engineers, designers and customer service teams. Together as a team we invest, research, in the digital world of today.  We stay up to date with new features on software and the internet, seeking input from startup founders, academic advisors, and other industry experts. 

  • During the last century´s we had the industrial revolution, a lot of people lost their jobs and many were forced to adapt. At GMT we believe this will be the era of artificial intelligence, where jobs will be lost to automation, organizations will soon be business and new platforms will continue to arise that make our lives easier.
  • A couple of decades ago if you wanted to reach out to a million people you used the TV, the radio, flyers, and other traditional forms of marketing. Today with the internet and the right distribution you are able to reach billions of people in cost-effective ways thanks to social media.
  • Why wasn’t Netflix created by Blockbuster? Why wasn’t Uber created by Greyhound? We constantly tell our clients that Airbnb should have been created by Marriot and startups like Spotify should have been created by companies like Sony.
  • In the 1920s and 1950s when the world had the radio a lot of people were skeptical about the television and decided that TV was not for them. Some of this radio celebrities and personalities disappeared. Some businesses took off because of TV and ended up destroying their competition. Our team´s attention and studies show that a similar situation is occurring with our smart phones.
  • GMT’s mission is to help organizations adapt to the new technological changes of our era. If companies continue to operate the same way they have been doing it in the past they will not survive the next 30 years. Some older generations might resist progress, but what organizations should see this as an opportunity to reach new markets.

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Our recruiting team is constantly searching 24/7 for the best engineers and designers in the world.

The GMT research agenda is focused to date with new features of software and the internet with input from startup founders, academic advisors, and other industry experts.

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