About the Role

Our client seeks a data engineer to conceptualize our foundational data infrastructure, and then build and scale it to support a rapidly growing business. Their efforts will underpin a range of operational and product needs, from traditional business intelligence and reporting capabilities to data-driven features that will impact our consumer- and agent-facing product experiences.

Key responsibilities:

  • Conceptualize organization and interdependencies among data infrastructure components. Much of this does not currently exist, so you will have a direct impact on bringing it to life.
  • Build foundational data warehousing infrastructure, aggregating and formalizing business concepts now spread across multiple sources of truth into a central warehouse capable of supporting reporting and other operational needs.
  • Create data integrations with third party services (coverage providers, health information APIs, etc.) that provide data relevant to Connie’s business, while carefully minding the rules that govern health care data privacy.
  • Layer on systems for business problems like marketing attribution and reintroducing processed data into Connie’s product experience. You will collaborate with technical and non-technical partners to define data stores, build processing systems, and define integration points with other engineering systems.
  • Guide and mentor other engineers and data scientists in data system usage, evangelizing the quality, reliability, and security of Connie’s data.


High Priority

  • Experience with key data engineering tools and systems: SQL, data warehousing, data lakes, event tracking platforms, data replication systems, and reporting tools.
  • Expertise building complex ETL/ELT processes that integrate and process heterogenous data from multiple structured and unstructured sources.
  • Experience in particular problem domains: event data processing, data processing for BI/reporting systems, integrations between first and third party data sources and systems.
  • Familiarity with best practices around data exchange with other technical teams (APIs, access controls, etc.).

Nice to Have

  • Broad experience across a variety of business domains (marketing, operations, product), their data, and the business problems that they face. You will be joining a lean team that works closely with others in many business domains.
  • Experience with particular tools relevant to Connie: Amazon Web Services and its data stack, Salesforce (or other CRM and sales enablement systems), and/or Looker.
  • Experience in the health care sector.
  • Experience with data science and machine learning engineering tools/concepts.

About Our Client

Our client started in the fall of 2019 with the goal of providing older adults with uncomplicated information to thoroughly research and select a Medicare plan. Their innovative concepts remove barriers that often exist when older adults are navigating through the maze that is Medicare. We want our customers to make informed decisions and feel confident when it comes to their healthcare selection. They do not only aim to provide a simple online solution, but also to give individuals the opportunity to speak with a highly trained Medicare expert.

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