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Full-stack developer

About Our Client

Our client is looking for a Full Stack Developer proactive and strong communication skills who is eager to grown working in a fast-paced start-up environment.

Required Experience

  • 5+ years experience building and deploying React Native mobile applications
  • 5+ years experience working with Typescript development (NestJS + Apollo GraphQL stack)
  • 5+ years experience working with AWS (RDS, Route 53, Cloudfront)
  • Experience with any of the following a bonus:
    • Prisma
    • React
    • Next.JS
    • Firebase Messaging

The ideal candidate will be able to:

Lead and inspire team members and clients through vision setting, and excellent communication and execution skills
Differentiate between work that they need to do themselves and that which can be delegated to others
Hold others accountable for performance in a mature and emotionally intelligent way

Know how to work well with others and bring out the best in people through mentorship, accurately identifying team skills and talents, and assigning appropriate tasks to team members based on skill, talent and experience
Attract new business from new and existing clients in concert with the sales team and others

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