Position Description

This position, often referred to generally as DevOps Engineer, is responsible for implementing DevOps practices (automation, measurement and sharing). The ideal candidate will help our entire team to automate repetitive tasks in an effort to be cost-efficient, reduce errors, enable self-sufficiency across the enterprise, and keep our engineers sane — all in a manner that is metrics-driven, transparent, and supports the open source community upon which we depend.

The Environment

The Client is a Madison, WI company with a Sales and Marketing staff in Chicago, IL. The tech team is in Madison, WI along with a handful of remote workers.  A daily stand-up keeps the tech team on the same page and a weekly touch-base serves to keep the rest of the organization abreast of the tech pipeline and any fires that need to be put out.

The majority of the tech stack is currently end-to-end JavaScript, with a series of Node.js microservices powering an API for the client application, messaging, and matching algorithms. Vue.js powers the front-end application, which is a responsive web app. Other technologies include MySQL for the database, Docker for virtualization, and a cloud-agnostic implementation of infrastructure on Google Cloud. The future for the Client’s development will be a rich mix of solutions including smart matching algorithms, predictive analytics, and remote factory-floor operations.


Advance our cloud infrastructure

Google Cloud: Cloud Run, Cloud Functions, Cloud Build, Pub/Sub, SQL, Firebase, Logging, IAM

Development of secondary hosting system for flexibility

Maintain communication services: SendGrid, Twilio, dashboards

CI pipeline implementation, with an emphasis on automated testing integrated with source control.

Automate connections between app and other solutions, including reporting, CRM and ATS

Development of backend services

Advanced knowledge of JavaScript and/or Python

Creation and maintenance of developer environments via Docker or similar

Implement best practices in terms of performance, security, data retention, and user privacy

On-call rotation

Documentation of all services, allowing any tech to take an on-call rotation

Interest in learning new skills as they become needed by the organization.

Skills required:

  • Machine Learning
  • Cloud Computing
  • Big Data
  • Documentation
  • Data Science

Some future needs include:

Data science/big data

Machine learning

Remote diagnosis and operation of industrial machines