Senior AWS Cloud Solutions Developer

About the Role

Our client is looking for a passionate senior AWS Cloud Solutions Developer that can be a culture fit with our client’s business as a rapid growing team that moves fast on shipping beautiful products to customers. They are highly experienced with building and shipping MVPs for clients and helping them get started with their business, so it is very important that our engineers have a solid understanding of engineering as a whole in order to have ownership of the projects. Their company’s mission is to build products for customers who have a vision aligned with ours. 

Some of their exciting projects include building social media platforms, education learning technology for students, marketing software to help businesses scale their audiences, and many more. Our developers have a ton of responsibility, given that they have the role of a team-lead on some of these projects and help drive high quality technology architecture decisions, as well as establish strong patterns.


  • AWS Cloud Solutions Architect
  • CI/CD Deployment Setup / Improvements
  • Kubernetes setup and maintenance
  • MongoDB setup & maintenance
  • CassandraDB setup & maintenance
  • Kafka setup & maintenance

About Our Client

For too long, government and technology have operated in separate silos — instead of embracing the exciting opportunities that sit at the intersection of these two powerful and influential domains. Government needs, and the people it serves deserve, new ideas and technologies to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and responsiveness. As such, technologists and innovators have an important role to play in addressing our nation’s most pressing problems. When both of these worlds come together, individual liberty and economic opportunity increases for all Americans.

Our client brings together leaders from both worlds to converse, collaborate, and effect change. While our vision is audacious, our mission is concrete and our value is measurable. We emphasize action. Thought leaders from across the country attend our Forums to debate the issues or code at our hackathons to build innovative products. We deploy leading technologists, from Silicon Valley and other leading tech hubs, around the nation. They are working on hard tech problems for the cause of liberty. We share best tech practices on Telegraph for advocacy, disrupting beltway bandits and reducing barriers to entry for new tech. Leveraging the power of technology and fostering collaboration between these two worlds creates the future we need: A future full of economic and personal liberty.

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