Sr / Staff Software Engineer

About Our Client

One of the core value propositions of our is that we abstract away the complexities of managing hundreds of SaaS applications away from our customers’ IT teams. This means that we will need to write integrations with these SaaS apps on behalf of our customers and provide an interface that is intuitive and easy for the customers to use. Doing this unlocks essentially every part of the our system, including the AppStore, user and app discovery, automated workflows, etc.

We have built out dozens of API integrations with deep capabilities based on what the downstream applications’ APIs allow. Our goal is to build triple our number of integrations by the end of the year — the more integrations we have, the more value we can unlock for a wider variety of customers. Our company can be used by any company that uses SaaS apps and one of our biggest blockers to widespread adoption is the number and depth of our integrations.

In this role, you’ll join as a one of the first engineers on our quickly growing integrations team to tackle critical engineering challenges as we 10x the scale of our platform. You will work closely with engineers from the founding team, and help us scale not only the platform but the team and entire company as well!


  • 3+ years of professional software engineering experience in a major backend programming language (Python)
  • 3+ years of experience with frontend using some modern frontend framework (React.js, Typescript)
  • 1+ years of infra/platform experience using services/tools such as AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, some cloud-based DB, microservices architecture
  • Solid understanding and experience with API systems in general
  • Worked on integrating with 3rd-party APIs in the past (ex: Facebook Graph API)
  • Worked with Flask
  • Ability to communicate requirements well and breakdown complex problems
  • Ability to communicate with external partners to work together on solutions and resolve issues


  • 100% Remote
  • Company Gatherings twice a year
  • Career Growth & Career Support
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