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Sr FullStack Developer

Our client is a full service product agency providing strategy, software, data, and technical support from mission-aligned talent. They serve clients that advance civilization while promoting free speech, free markets, freedom and liberty. Whether that is a big internet company creating a product to reach millions of users, an education entity expanding access to high quality material, or a brand that sells snacks and supplements to promote a healthy lifestyle. They are highly experienced with building and shipping MVPs for clients and helping them get started with their business. Our client also provides marketing strategy, design services, development, data science and other services that help companies launch and scale.

The opportunity for you:

We are looking for a passionate senior Full Stack developer that can own and manage multiple engineering projects at once. They must be able to move fast on shipping beautiful products to customers by managing a team of engineers, and interfacing with a Product Manager who is leading product strategy and client management and the design team, who is leading the design and user experience

Exciting projects that you will build and have technical ownership of include building social media and internet platforms, education learning technology for students, marketing software to help businesses scale their audiences, news platforms and aggregators, data-driven products, and many more. You will have the opportunity to be a team lead if you have such experience and are interested in it.

Required Experience/Skills

  • React
  • NodeJS
  • Relational (MySQL / Postgres)
  • Optional: NoSQL (e.g: MongoDB)
  • Optional: Python (we have data science work that we do as well)
  • Huge Bonus: Modern frameworks such as GraphQL, TypeORM. We will help you with these as well.

What We Value

We care much more about your motivation and excitement to grow into the role than we care just about your CV. Instead of focusing on what people need to have, we focus on what people need to do. Additionally, we try to find out whether you would be a good fit for this company based on our values that define how we achieve outcomes and what characteristics we value.

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